Alphabetical Advantage: Locate Faculty, Staff & Students with Ease

The Campus Directory facilitates efficient identification and contact with faculty, staff, and students. Utilize the intuitive alphabetical search functionality to locate individuals by name or explore by department and title. This comprehensive resource empowers you to navigate the campus community with ease, fostering collaboration and communication.

Find What You Need, Fast: Navigate Easily With Intuitive Alphabetical Searching

Effortless Navigation: Accelerate Searches with Alphabetical Listings in Campus Directory

Campus Directory introduces a powerful alphabetical sorting feature, designed to enhance the search experience for users seeking information about faculty, staff, or students. This feature proves invaluable when users are familiar with specific names, academic areas, or job titles, allowing for quick and efficient navigation through the directory.

Key Features of Alphabetical Listing:

  1. Admin Backend Customization:

    • An intuitive and robust admin backend empowers administrators to customize the look and feel of alphabetical listings.
  2. Versatile Alphabetical Listings:

    • Create alphabetical listings based on various criteria such as academic area, full names, or job titles.
    • Tailor the listings to cater to specific needs, providing users with diverse ways to access information.
  3. Directory Field Limitation:

    • Utilize the Visual Shortcode Builder to limit alphabetical listings based on any available directory field.
    • For instance, create listings specifically for faculty working in a particular campus, offering targeted and relevant results.
  4. Global and Page-Specific Configuration:

    • Set global values for "All text" and "No data text," ensuring consistency and clarity across the alphabetical listings.
    • Customize values at the page level, allowing for adaptability to specific contexts.
  5. Initial Letter Configuration:

    • Define the initial letter to be displayed when the search page loads.
    • Optimize the user experience by showcasing commonly listed initials, streamlining the search process.
  6. Visual Styling for Enhanced Visibility:

    • Implement an opaque or faded style for alphabets with no associated entries.
    • Enhances visual clarity and guides users effectively through the available listings.
  7. Multiple Listings on a Single Page:

    • Enable the display of multiple alphabetical listings on a single page.
    • Facilitates a comprehensive search experience, allowing users to explore information by academic area, job titles, and names concurrently.


  • User-Friendly Navigation:

    • Accelerates searches by providing an organized and easy-to-navigate alphabetical listing.
    • Supports users in quickly locating relevant faculty, staff, or students.
  • Tailored Search Experience:

    • Customizable features ensure that alphabetical listings align with the specific needs and criteria of the institution.
    • Enhances the flexibility and versatility of the directory.
  • Enhanced Visual Clarity:

    • Visual styling choices contribute to an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface.
    • Promotes a seamless and enjoyable search experience for directory users.

Campus Directory's Alphabetical Listing feature is a valuable addition, elevating the directory's usability and efficiency. By streamlining searches and offering diverse customization options, the plugin enhances the overall user experience, making information retrieval swift and intuitive.

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