Priority at Your Fingertips: Drag & Drop to Organize Your Campus Directory

Effortless Organization: Customize your Campus Directory with drag-and-drop ease! Order faculty, staff, students, courses, locations, publications, and more in seconds. Showcase the most relevant information at a glance, enhancing user experience.

Arrange Faculty and Student Order Seamlessly With Drag & Drop

Take control of your directory: Rearrange faculty and student profiles effortlessly with drag-and-drop

Campus Directory introduces a user-friendly and intuitive feature, allowing administrators to effortlessly set the default display order of faculty and students in lists. With a simple drag and drop mechanism, organizing the order of records becomes a swift and efficient task.

Key Highlights:

  1. Intuitive Drag & Drop Functionality:

    • Easily set the display order of faculty and student records through a straightforward drag and drop interface.
    • Intuitive and user-friendly, this feature streamlines the process of arranging records in the desired sequence.
  2. Efficient Order Configuration:

    • Administrators can efficiently organize the default order of faculty and students in lists to enhance the user experience.
    • Achieve a customized and tailored display that aligns with the institution's preferences.


  • User-Centric Display:

    • Tailor the order of faculty and student records to meet the specific needs and preferences of the institution.
    • Enhance the user experience by presenting information in a logical and user-friendly sequence.
  • Swift Configuration:

    • The drag and drop functionality ensures a quick and hassle-free setup of display orders.
    • Administrators can easily adapt the order based on changing requirements.
  • Flexibility in Presentation:

    • Achieve a dynamic and flexible presentation of faculty and student lists.
    • Respond promptly to organizational changes or evolving priorities with the seamless reorder feature.
  • Enhanced Directory Management:

    • Streamline directory management by effortlessly configuring the default order of records.
    • Maintain an organized and visually appealing directory for users to navigate.

Campus Directory's Drag & Drop Ordering feature empowers administrators with a convenient tool to customize the presentation of faculty and student lists. By simplifying the order configuration process, this feature contributes to an efficient and user-centric directory management experience.

Visual Hierarchy Made Easy

Prioritize Faculty, Staff & More with Drag & Drop.

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