Cross-App Connectivity: Import & Export Directory Data with Ease

Data on Demand! Effortlessly import, export, and synchronize event data (faculty, staff, students, etc.) across various applications with the Campus Directory Import/Export Addon. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a streamlined data management experience.

Keep Your Campus Directory Fresh and Accurate: Import and Update Information Effortlessly With Csv Files

Effortless Data Management: CSV Import and Synchronization Across Applications

Campus Directory simplifies data management by offering seamless CSV import and synchronization capabilities. The user-friendly operations button, strategically placed on people, publications, courses, and locations list pages, streamlines the process, ensuring efficient handling of information.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Import/Export Support:

    • Facilitates the import/export of faculty, staff, and student information.
    • Supports the management of support staff relationships.
    • Handles advisee/advisor relationships with ease.
    • Manages office location relationships effortlessly.
    • Streamlines the import/export of publications and related author relationships.
    • Enables the efficient handling of courses and related relationships.
    • Supports the synchronization of locations and course location relationships.
  2. CSV File Integration:

    • Utilizes the CSV format for seamless integration and compatibility with various applications.
    • Offers an intuitive mapping system, allowing users to select and map specific fields during import.
    • Provides a "Do not map" option for users who wish to exclude certain fields from the import process.
  3. Google Spreadsheet Compatibility:

    • Supports CSV exports to and from Google Spreadsheets, enhancing flexibility and collaboration.
  4. Bulk Data Updates:

    • Allows administrators to update existing employee and event data based on unique fields, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
  5. Data Reset Functionality:

    • Empowers administrators to reset faculty, publication, course, and location information as needed, providing a fresh start when required.
  6. Custom Field Import/Export:

    • Extends support for importing and exporting all custom fields, preserving the integrity of additional information.
  7. Administrator Role Exclusive:

    • Restricts import, export, and reset functionalities to users with the administrator role, ensuring data security and control.
  8. Streamlined Processes:

    • Enhances operational efficiency by streamlining data management processes, minimizing manual interventions.

Campus Directory's CSV import and synchronization features offer a robust solution for institutions seeking efficient, secure, and flexible data handling. From faculty and staff information to complex relationships and custom fields, the plugin's capabilities cater to diverse data management needs, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow.

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Effortless Data Exchange with the Campus Directory Addon.

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