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Effortless Organization: The Campus Directory empowers you to categorize and tag entries for better search functionality. Simplify directory navigation and ensure users can find the information they need quickly.

Navigate Academia With Ease: Structured Information Retrieval Saves Time and Boosts Efficiency

Organizing Academic Information: Efficient Categorization with Campus Directory

Campus Directory recognizes the importance of effective organization in academia, and with its robust categorization features, it offers a powerful tool for structured information retrieval. This functionality aids users in quickly locating the information they seek, contributing to a more streamlined and accessible academic environment.

Key Categorization Features:

  1. Faculty and Students:

    • Categorize faculty and students based on criteria such as Academic Area, Title, Research Area, Directory Tag, Affiliation (Pro Edition), Appointment Type (Pro Edition), Honorific Prefix & Honorific Suffix (Pro Edition), and Career (Pro Edition).
    • Enhances precision in locating faculty and student profiles with tailored categorization.
  2. Publications:

    • Categorize publications according to Publication Type (Pro Edition), Publication Year (Pro Edition), and Directory Tag (Pro Edition).
    • Facilitates focused exploration of scholarly output based on specific publication attributes.
  3. Courses:

    • Categorize courses using Course Term (Pro Edition), Course Unit (Pro Edition), Course Time (Pro Edition), Course Day (Pro Edition), Career (Pro Edition), and Directory Tag (Pro Edition).
    • Streamlines the search for courses by offering multiple criteria for categorization.
  4. Locations:

    • Categorize locations based on Directory Tag (Pro Edition).
    • Provides a structured approach to organizing campus locations for improved navigation.
  5. Flexible Category Management:

    • Enable or disable all categories as per institutional requirements.
    • Offers flexibility in tailoring the categorization structure to align with specific needs.
  6. Dedicated Category Pages:

    • Each category boasts its own dedicated list page, ensuring a systematic presentation of information within defined criteria.

Campus Directory's categorization capabilities empower academic institutions to create a well-organized and navigable information ecosystem. By categorizing faculty, students, publications, courses, and locations, the plugin enhances the user experience, promoting efficient information retrieval and contributing to an academically enriched digital environment.

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