Profiles that Shine: Strengthen Campus Connections with Engaging Profiles

Connect & Showcase: Stunning profile pages in the Campus Directory foster connections and empower faculty, staff, and students to share their expertise.

Empower Your Campus Community: the Campus Directory Wordpress Plugin Redefines Profile Pages for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Campus Directory WordPress Plugin: Stunning Profile Pages

The Campus Directory WordPress Plugin offers an exceptional profile page experience, allowing faculty, staff, and students to share information in a visually appealing and dynamic manner.

The self-adjusting interface ensures that only relevant information is displayed, creating a clean and personalized presentation.

The inclusion of relationships in tabular or card format enhances the visualization of professional connections. Advanced features in the Pro Edition, such as displaying publications and courses and exporting relationship records, contribute to a comprehensive and insightful representation of individuals within the campus community. Unlimited custom fields provide flexibility for tailoring profile pages to specific needs and preferences.

Impressive Profile Presentation:

  1. Diverse Profiles:

    • Faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students can showcase their information through personalized profile pages.
    • Tailor the profiles to cater to the unique characteristics and roles of each group within the campus community.
  2. Dynamic Interface:

    • The profile pages feature a self-adjusting interface that intuitively displays only the available information for a particular person.
    • Ensure a clean and relevant presentation by dynamically adapting the displayed tabs based on the information present. For example, if there's no available bio, the Bio tab won't be displayed.

Relationship Visualization:

  1. Advisors, Advisees, and Support Staff:
    • Effortlessly display relationships such as advisees, advisors, and support staff in either tabular or card format.
    • Provide a visually appealing representation of professional connections within the campus community.

Advanced Features (Pro Edition):

  1. Publications and Courses:

    • Elevate the profile pages with the Pro Edition, allowing the display of publications and courses in tabular or card format.
    • Showcase the academic contributions and courses taught by faculty members, adding depth to their profiles.
  2. Exportable Relationship Records:

    • Search and export all relationship records locally, enabling convenient data analysis and management.
    • Empower administrators with the ability to extract valuable insights from relationship data.

Customization and Flexibility:

  1. Unlimited Custom Fields:
    • Enrich profile pages with a high level of customization by creating and displaying unlimited custom fields.
    • Tailor the information presented on profiles to accommodate diverse data points and individual preferences.

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