Leverage Custom Fields for Precise Campus Directory Searches

Effortlessly Find Anyone: Customize search and data collection forms with unique fields in the Campus Directory. Gather specific information you need and find the people you're looking for faster. This flexible solution streamlines directory searches and data collection.

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Tailor Your Campus Directory Experience: Unlocking Unparalleled Customization with Campus Directory's Dynamic Custom Fields

Campus Directory stands out as a versatile solution, allowing institutions to tailor their directory experience through the incorporation of unlimited custom fields. This unique feature empowers users to find specific information swiftly, enhancing the overall usability of the directory.

Key Advantages:

  1. Efficient Information Retrieval: The ability to create unlimited custom fields ensures that users can find exactly what they need, whether it's related to people, publications, courses, or locations. This feature streamlines the search process, enabling quick and efficient information retrieval.

  2. Tailored to Institutional Needs: Campus Directory's custom fields are highly flexible, allowing administrators to align the directory with the unique requirements of their institution. Whether it's enabling or disabling custom fields, adjusting column sizes, or setting field requirements, the directory adapts to specific needs.

  3. Enhanced Search Functionality: Custom fields support a range of operators, including "equal," "not equal," "like," "not like," "begins with," "ends with," and "by word." This diverse set of search options ensures a comprehensive and nuanced search experience for users.

Feature Highlights:

  1. Unlimited Custom Fields: Campus Directory offers the freedom to create an unlimited number of custom fields for people, publications, courses, and locations. This flexibility allows institutions to capture and display information relevant to their unique context.

  2. Custom Field Visibility: Administrators have the option to enable or disable custom fields on all search forms, ensuring that the directory's interface remains focused and relevant to users' needs.

  3. Field Requirement Settings: Custom fields can be configured as required or optional, providing administrators with control over the level of information needed for specific fields.

  4. Column Size Adjustment: The directory allows administrators to change custom field column sizes, offering a customizable layout that aligns with the visual preferences of the institution.

  5. Operator Support: Custom fields support a variety of operators, including "equal," "not equal," "like," "not like," "begins with," "ends with," and "by word." This rich set of operators enhances the precision and flexibility of search queries.

  6. Comprehensive Search Options: Users can employ diverse search options, such as searching "equal," "not equal," "like," "not like," "begins with," "ends with," and "by word," catering to various search scenarios.

Campus Directory's Dynamic Custom Fields feature represents a commitment to providing institutions with unparalleled customization capabilities. By offering a robust set of tools, the directory ensures that users can effortlessly access the information they need while maintaining a tailored and efficient user experience.

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