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WP Ticket Enterprise WordPress Plugin Changelog

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AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2015-02-05
Last Updated2018-02-26
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Plugin Customization
= 4.8.0=
NEW Added schedulers - time based automation functionality which can run predefined tasks on a scheduled frequency or on demand.
NEW Added ability to send email notifications in triggers component
NEW Added ability to search by date range
NEW Added email notification when a contributor is set for a ticket
NEW Added support for triggers from external systems
NEW Added autofilled first name, last name and email fields for logged in user's ticket submit form even if these fields are not displayed on the form
FIXED Minor fixes
FIXED Private comment and close ticket icons not showing in Firefox
TWEAK Added file upload information to open ticket form
NEW Ability to upload files to ticket responses
NEW Ability to configure ticket file uploads from plugin settings
NEW Ability to configure a file agent file uploads from plugin settings
NEW Added Sorting (Newest/oldest) capability to ticket responses
NEW Ability to optionally display user roles (Support Agent, Support Manager) in ticket responses
TWEAK Updated the look and feel of of each ticket response
NEW Ability to display the thumbnails of uploaded files in ticket response footer as well as Ticket attachment tab
NEW Ability to Close and Reopen tickets from ticket pages
NEW Ability to configure how and when to reopen tickets
NEW Ability to open or close ticket responses from Triggers workflow
FIXED File upload field not working properly in ticket submit form
FIXED Charts displaying scheduled tickets
TWEAKFiXED Extra tab ticket single pages
FIXED Contextual colors and default icons in some taxonomies
NEW Added ability to create business rules that run immediately after tickets are created or updated.
NEW Added Departments to categorize agents, tickets, and to-dos
NEW Added Channels to categorize ticket sources
NEW Added Tickets Assigned to connection box for Agents - Agents will see all their tickets in their own profile in the admin area.
NEW Added a department notification feature to send email to department support staff through department catch-all email when a new ticket assigned to the department.
FIXED license activation warnings
FIXED Fixed assignee label in tickets pages
FIXED Ticket Author and Created Date fields not showing
TWEAK Added addition attributes to the ticket detail tab
NEW Permission settings to expand the scope of built-in users roles
NEW Added container type field in the plugin settings
NEW Custom JS and CSS fields in the settings
TWEAK PHP7 compatibility
TWEAK Misc. fixes, improvements and better support mobile phones
TWEAK New WYSIWYG editor with more features
FIXED Some tickets not showing for visitors when access restrictions are removed for ticket list
NEW Added ability to disable emd templating system and use theme files instead
FIXED WP Sessions security vulnerability
NEW Added support for EMD MailChimp extension
NEW Added support for EMD Active Directory/LDAP Extension
NEW Ability to set page templates for ticket and agent single pages. Options are sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full width
NEW EMD Widget area to include sidebar widgets in plugin pages
NEW Ability to enable/disable any field, taxonomy and relationship from backend and/or frontend
NEW Ability to add custom CSS in plugin's frontend pages
NEW Ability to remove access restrictions on frontend for tickets
NEW Ability to limit ticket search and entry forms to logged-in users only from plugin settings.
NEW Rewrite incoming email feature better supporting shared hosting environments and removing php related dependencies
FIXED New ticket notification sent to user for incoming emails
NEW Added ability to permanently delete plugin related data from plugin settings
NEW Added ability to recreate installation pages from plugin settings
NEW Added CSRF protection enable/ disable checkbox in settings
NEW Added ability to modify base slugs in settings for better SEO
TWEAKUpgraded Operation CSV import library
FIXED WordPress archives of other post types not showing to visitors (not logged in users) due to permission checking
NEW Added configuration for Easy Digital Downloads WP Ticket extension
FIXED misc minor issues
TWEAKAdded Begins, Ends and Word search operators to search forms
TWEAKAdded Subject fields to Advanced search form
FIXED - search results not showing more than 10 tickets
TWEAKMisc. bug fixes and improvements
NEW Added configuration for WooCommerce WP Ticket extension
NEW Added ability to add custom fields for agents and tickets
TWEAKSmall GUI improvements and fixes
NEW Added limit by to chart data in Visual Short Code Builder
FIXED Support Ticket list table to show all in pagination
FIXED posts not getting displayed issue when the plugin is activated
TWEAKModified incoming email messages time stamped in future to the current datetime. It is was causing emails to be scheduled instead of published.
NEW Added ability to auto-fill logged in user email when opening a ticket
NEW Added ability import/export ticket, agent, canned response, to-do list relationships from/to CSV files
TWEAKAdded ability show dashboard analytics to public; appropriate for publicly accessible tickets
TWEAKAdded ability to use advanced ticket search forms by non-registered users
FIXED POP3-SSL incoming email issue
FIXED the issue of Related Tickets table not properly displayed
FIXED the issue of previous and next links not working in some usecases
NEW Added ability to covert private tickets to public tickets; available for admins, managers, and agents
TWEAKMoved phone and email attributes to Detail tab
NEW Added advanced tables feature to search results and ticket list views
TWEAKChanged modified date to human readable datetime search results and ticket list views
NEW Added ability to display tickets to public using support_ticket shortcode
TWEAKChanged search results and ticket list view sorting by last updated
NEW Added ability for admin and manager users to set author of tickets allowing ticket creation by staff for users
NEW Added ticket view support for Subscriber users; permitting logged in user tickets
NEW Converted ticket list view page navigation to AJAX.
FIXED minor bugs and upgraded the libraries
NEW Added Submit Ticket page for registered admin, subscriber, manager, and agent users
NEW Added Search Ticket page for registered admin, subscriber, manager, and agent users
FIXED admin settings page translation issue in which translated strings were messing up the screen structure
FIXED issues related to WordPress 4.3 upgrade
TWEAKIncluded update on canned response module capabilities on existing installations
FIXED the issue of canned responses getting displayed to logged-in subscriber users
FIXED issue contextual colors not displayed in admin and frontend
FIXED allview css fie enqueue issue
TWEAKModified Subscriber user role permissions so that subscribers are not able to change the original ticket content after the ticket is published
NEW Converted relationship bullets to tables with export, search, and pagination functionality so that it will will be easier to find the right ticket in the front end
NEW Added contextual coloring to front end table rows for critical and major tickets
NEW Added comment tag to notification email templates so that comment history can be sent to user and/or agent
NEW Added Ticket License Key to ticket backend and submit form
NEW Added Ticket Product Name to ticket backend and submit form
NEW Ability to enable or disable required fields in the frontend forms
NEW Ability to export admin reports to CSV and PDF formats
FIXED the issue related to some taxonomies not displaying in the admin backend
FIXED the issue on not being able to filter multiple relationships in the admin backend
FIXED canned responses permissions
FIXED ticket list for subscriber role
TWEAKAdded settings page for form customization such enable/disable fields, captcha and change field sizes
TWEAKMade some fields optional so that they can be disabled
FIXED some minor bugs to improve stability
NEW User can select a ticket comments as private; useful for private info submitted in comments
NEW Added a ticket form with No captcha; useful for intranet users who are not logged in
NEW Added class names to Support Ticket list view
FIXED Misc minor issues
NEW Added ability to update tickets through email replies
FIXED the issue related to inline images not showing in the tickets created through emails
FIXED the issue related to plugin updates not showing in the site plugins page in WordPress multi-site
FIXED misc. defects
NEW Added a to-do lists for tickets for documenting tasks need to be completed to resolve a ticket
NEW Included WordPress subscribers as a custom role to view tickets they opened.
NEW Added a User Map feature to auto sync WordPress Users to Agent.
FIXED canned responses related misc. defects
NEW Added a "Ticket List" view page with Visual Shortcode Builder enabled
FIXED translation issue on search tickets result page
TWEAKInitial release
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