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Enterprise WordPress – Creating a self-service community

Creating a vibrant self-service community is gaining in importance for organizations due to the high cost of providing human served help on demand.  This is where knowledge base systems come in; offering organization-wide, centralized repository where internal and external customers can find current, accurate, relevant information accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Knowledge Center Enterprise WordPress Plugin takes full advantage of WordPress as a platform to offer easy-to-use yet advanced knowledge base for your organization by integrating many different types of content and making them searchable from a single-click, intuitive interface. 

Knowledgebase Content Types

Knowledge Center Enterprise organizes information in 4 distinct types which can be categorized using knowledgebase-wide groups and tags taxonomies;

  • Article is the main knowledge base entry which links other articles, panels, documents, images and embeds all together. Articles may have a featured image, a image gallery, allows file attachments and support contextual coloring to provide visual cues on the content of an article.  Display order of articles can be set by users by dragging and dropping in the admin area article list. Once display order set, it is used in every article view. Click for a sample article or check out the structure of this article.
  • Panel is a type of definition list such as FAQs, term definitions, short articles which can be linked to related articles.  Panels may have a featured image and support contextual coloring to provide visual cues on the content of a panel. Display order of panels can be set by users by dragging and dropping in the admin area panel list. Once display order set, it is used in every panel view. Click for a sample panel.
  • Embed is type of content such as videos, tweets, audio or any representation of a URL on third party sites from supported vendors. Embeds can be linked to articles.  Embeds may have a featured image and supports drag and drop ordering. Click for a sample embed. 
  • Document is a collection of one to many articles displayed in a single page layout with a scrollspy navigation, client-side search/highlighter, custom header and footer sections. Documents may have a featured image and supports drag and drop ordering. Click for a sample document

Create once and display in multiple ways

Each Knowledge Center Enterprise content type comes with its own page in addition to system-wide uniform archive and taxonomy views.  There are also content type specific views. Articles  can be displayed using infinite scrollarticle column, article gallery views. Panels can be displayed using open panel , list group, accordion views. Embeds come with content slider and wall views.


To provide a single point of information retrieval, Knowledge Center Enterprise offers Omnisearch functionality which searches articles, documents, panels and embeds based on user entered terms. Users need to enter at least 3 character word to trigger a search query. Once search terms entered, Omnisearch retrieves top 5 content matching the terms.  The results are ordered based on user set order of the content type. The search results are color-coded if the contextual color set to provide visual meaning.

Integrated Social Sharing

Allowing social sharing of knowledge base entries offers many opportunities to reach out to wider audience. The integrated social sharing feature creates a uniform look and feel for all knowledge base entries without disrupting a reader's flow and attention. 

Integrated Rating System

Knowledge Center Enterprise comes with integrated user rating system. Having a rating system on your sites allows users share their feedback on knowledge base entries, increasing information consumption and usage while maintaining total control and ownership. The integrated rating system can be customized per knowledge base content type. For example, you can have a star rating for articles, a custom font based system for panels etc. The supported icons types are; Image, Font Awesome, Custom Font, Custom Image and Dashicons. In addition, each knowledge base content type has its own rating log which can be edited, searched and filtered to provide insight on which content is getting higher ratings from users.


Providing a centralized, self-service information retrieval system to customers and employee not only decreases cost of enterprise support costs but also increases organizational information consumption rates. Knowledge Center Enterprise offers a very easy-to-use, intuitive knowledge base solution built on modern web standards matching your organization's brand and style and taking full advantage of WordPress as a platform.

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